This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

Unless something that not even the authors of the most elaborate Hollywood sci-fi movie can concoct, happens in a few days (or weeks), Joe Biden will be announced as the 46th President of the United States.

I’m not saying that because I don’t believe that there were voting irregularities, but I don’t want to provide false hope to Trump supporters. There is no smoke without a fire, so clearly, things did happen, but the lead between the two candidates is 4.3M votes, so it has to be one giant scandal, if the ballots were messed with.

There will be recounts and there will be and already are court appeals, but from all of the data that I’ve been able to put together, the world is now preparing for a Biden presidency.

The big question is whether or not the Georgia recount will actually flip the state in terms of their Senators, which might give the Democrats a “blue sweep,” a result that the markets are currently not pricing in and they definitely do not like!

The markets have celebrated the gridlock situation in Washington since they’ve deduced it to mean that in the next four years:

  1. We won’t see any tax hikes (or cuts)
  2. No new wars (probably)
  3. No reckless spending programs on climate change initiatives
  4. No resumption of the Obama-era massive regulatory environment
  5. No ban on fracking

Gridlock, for lack of a better word, guarantees that the majority of the pro-growth agenda from the Trump administration will remain intact (for the most part) and that the power struggles in Washington will probably be negotiated on an even keel since there will be checks and balances between the red and blue agendas.

It also means that any delays in fiscal programs due to feistiness between the two sides will be resolved through currency printing by the Federal Reserve, in the interim.


We are left with the following question: how will global markets and the U.S. stock market trade in light of this new era upon us – Will it be more like 1987 or more like 2009?

This week, the dollar weakened greatly.

Stocks soared by the most they have in a post-election week since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn in in the early 1930s.

Here are some worrisome risks to consider, going forward:

  1. Will Biden’s inauguration usher in a period of lockdowns?
  2. Will Trump, in the interim period, wish to approve and oversee a massive stimulus program as his last hurrah?
  3. Are more stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop going to create national security risks for Joe’s approval process?

With these in mind, I want to recap the performance of our five watch lists from 2020 (starting with the first one) and also note that we’ll publish additional summaries of companies not mentioned in these reports but that we did profile in these pages. We’ll be doing this in the coming days and weeks, as well as highlighting two new opportunities!

The first watch list was posted right after the March Madness week. It offered once-in-a-decade (some say even more) opportunities to consider stocks while they sold off badly. The watch list, which can be accessed HERE, was comprised of 27 securities in total.

26 securities are up considerably, with a number of them trading 100%+ above their March lows, an impressive achievement.

Expect updates on our other 4 watch lists, as well as companies mentioned in this newsletter this year. It’s been a tremendous comeback year since March and we’ve got plenty to report on!