Recently, Lior Gantz sat down with Shawn at SGT Report to be interviewed about the state of the economy, and so much more. Gantz says what is most concerning is that people are rebelling more from the economic effects than they are over the loss of so much of their freedom and rights.

Gantz, the owner of, says his biggest fear over all of this, is “people are rebelling more because of the economics of [lockdowns, mask tyranny] and not because of the societal part of it, the freedom part of it.” The people who have suffered “economic strain are angrier than the people that are just quarantined or have sort of a measure that restricts them.”  That’s a mind-bending reality and hopefully, one which changes. People should cherish their freedom over their wealth.

Gantz goes on to say that the one thin this non-lethal virus has exposed is how ineffective governments around the world have become.  All people really want is more stimulus, more money, and they are willing to exchange their freedom and basic human rights for another stimulus package. He notes that everything in our society has become politicized, even this virus.

As a person who watches what does on from the outside, Gantz says the mainstream media in the United States is “almost like a joke. The scripts are offensive to the intelligence of the average’s more than just lies…it’s the little things to tilt your mindset to what you’re watching.”

Coronavirus Panic & Fear: The Greatest Mainstream Media Hoax In History

Gantz then discusses how much better gold and silver will be than cash, as it already is. He says gold will continue to go up, and when it hits the $2,000 range again will be psychological. There is a real existential crisis with the dollar and the national debt, and Gantz says silver can possibly go above $50.

Gantz then discusses Bitcoin and recognizes its potential.  “The world is not going to paying with gold, it is going to paying with Bitcoin,” he says.

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