In an interview with Kenneth Ameduri of Crush the Street, infamous analyst, and author Doug Casey. Casey didn’t mince words and came down hard on the ruling class and the establishment terrorizing all of us.

Casey begins the interview by explaining that neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden said anything of substance during the recent presidential debates. In fact, he wondered “if the U.S. isn’t devolving into a third world county” as the people put all of their hope and faith in the government on one side or the other.

Casey then touches on the subject of big social media giants and their censorship campaign.  He’s hoping that they [social media] are going to  “cut their own throats” by continuing to centralize power and attempt to control speech. He also makes the good point that without direct and indirect subsidies from the government these social media giants would be midgets.

“The Constitution is a dead letter,” says Casey. “It’s a document that exists, but it’s not observed.” He adds that he’s not a fan of democracy either “It’s two wolves and sheep deciding what to have for dinner,”  he says. “Democracy is mob rule dressed up in a coat and tie.”

Casy’s interview sheds light on the biggest problem we face today: politics. The government has initiated a power grab many have missed and even more people are unaware of. Our future is bleak if we continue down this path. The printing of money is going to be catastrophic, Casey says of our economic situation. We will see the destruction of the dollar.

Because of that, he’s staying away from all stocks, except gold mining stocks.

All of the awakening of the coming “Greater Depression” is forcing people to reevaluate central banking and control. This coming depression will be worse than the unpleasantness of 1929-1946, Casey adds.  And a lot of people are figuring it out and dumping the dollar for gold, silver, and Bitcoin.