This article was contributed by the Wealth Research Group. 

Around the globe, millions of media personnel, content creators, news websites, propaganda outlets, and social media giants are covering the elections; it’s a ratings bonanza.

People are literally glued to their screens since this election does matter; it is a struggle for the soul of a nation that has dominated planet Earth, without question, since the end of WW2.

Though it only comprises 4% of the global population, its economic engine contributes just below 25% of global GDP. Its military presence in around 150 countries is unprecedented. Its companies are some of the largest in the world (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook) and in the decade that has just begun, we’ll probably witness 30-100 more TRILLION-DOLLAR businesses being born on U.S. soil, some of which are currently just ideas, germinating in the minds of future entrepreneurs.

The United States is a country of extreme contrast between the various states that comprise the union and the glue that has bound them together since 1776 – a cocktail of shared values, which are cherished by its citizens, is potentially passing its expiration date.

Today, more than ever before in my lifetime, and to my knowledge, more than any other time in the 20th and 21st centuries, this glue is coming undone.

The differences of opinions on just about any topic are huge, but more than that, there is a lack of willingness to compromise.

Each side does not believe that it is worthwhile to be flexible with the other; the image that each American has of his fellow American who votes for the other party, or who feels differently than him on a certain topic, is that he is brainwashed and can’t see the truth.

It’s a slippery slope.

I’m not here to predict civil war or the end of the union; my sole purpose with publications, through this newsletter, is to provide context, value and to empower you to think about the big things in life – not dwelling on the transitory, temporary, flitting or petty.

The winner of today’s elections could be either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, but the captain of the ship that is your life is YOU, so you must “win” this election. You need to take today and reclaim victory over your own circumstances. Have you plateaued? Time to grow above it…

Personally, we believe Trump can do it and will do it!

Life boils down to 24-hour sessions, where between 30% and 33% is devoted to a rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul via sound sleep. Before you do anything else, give this some thought, since it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that human beings MUST SLEEP WELL.

Spend time creating the ideal environment for you – bed, linens, mattress, no lighting, and zero distractions; think of the process and the routine of this important human task – which you do EVERY DAY – and perfect it. You’ll see major results. The late Kobe Bryant attributed sleep tactics to winning his back-to-back championships in his second go at them.

Think of the last 15-30 minutes of your waking hours and of the first 30 minutes, upon getting up; it is proven that what you focus on and pay attention to at those times will be engrained in your life – do you read? Pay gratitude? Write down today’s/tomorrow’s tasks?

Once you’re up, you spend 65%-70% of your life in the state of full operation and must divide it between BODY, INTELLECT, and SOUL, giving these three the best you can deliver to them. Unhappiness originates from a lack of fulfillment in one or more of these areas, the only ones that human beings are made out of.

Are you inspired to live an amazing life, to put the past behind you for good, and just LIVE?

Here are big questions to ask, make decisions about, and act with UNWAVERING FAITH to accomplish:

  1. Are you good at what you do? That will be a determining factor in how much money you’ll make. Can you perform above and beyond what’s expected of you, constantly evolving, never sleeping while on guard? You have to OUTGROW your current position, in order for more opportunities to arrive. I faced many issues over the years, hitting brick walls time and again, determined to rise up to the next level, but not connecting the dots on what’s missing. Relentlessly, I kept analyzing and internally improving, until breakthroughs started to appear.
  2. If you happen to be good at something that you don’t particularly like, do you have pastime hobbies that elevate you and offset the fact that your primary source of income comes at a cost of personal sacrifice? Not everyone that loves basketball gets to make a career out of it…
  3. Are you in love? Do you share your life and your time with someone who supports you, is loyal to you, and is fun to be with? One of the lucky breaks I caught was to find the perfect woman for me when I was just 21. We’ve been together ever since, started a family, and have a bond that is supportive of both of us.
  4. Do you love your neighborhood, city, and state? The world is your oyster in the 21st century; you’re not a plant anymore.

These are just questions to start-off with; no scientific study has ever found and none ever will that there’s a limit to the amount of brain cells, which can be developed in order to perform a certain task, to accomplish a given feat or mission; human beings can grow in patience, kindness, generosity, tolerance, flexibility, forgiveness, loyalty, positivity, cheerfulness, poise and the only limits are ones that we believe in and set for ourselves.

Don’t compare yourself to anybody else and don’t think anyone else has a secret that you don’t possess. The difference between people is not external, but in the way THEY THINK.

Think, Think, Think!